ebebek Philips Avent Ultra Soft Baby Pacifier 2pcs

Color: Green
R$ 18,31
Product Details: Philips Avent Ultra Soft Patterned Nipple provides ease of use and convenience! Extra care should be taken for sensitive skin. Thanks to FlexiFit technology, this coating follows the natural curves on your baby's face for a comfortable fit. Reduces skin irritation and scars on your baby's skin. Our rounded coating reduces the pressure on your baby's cheeks. It is very important for your baby's skin to breathe. It has 6 air holes designed to reduce skin irritation and provide extra air flow. Your baby knows what you want! We asked mothers how their baby reacted to our textured silicone teats, and we learned that 98% of babies accept Philips Avent ultra soft teats. The silky and textured silicone pacifier in this product calms and relaxes your baby. The symmetrical shape of our flexible silicone pacifier adapts to the growing palate, teeth and gums of your baby. With our transport container, you can sterilize your baby's nipple in the microwave and store it hygienically while traveling. Place yice-washed teats in the bowl, add 25 ml of water and set the microwave to 750-1000 W and leave the beaker in the microwave for 3 minutes. Let cool for 5 minutes and pour the water. The pacifiers are ready to use. Ultra soft and flexible Age Range: 0-6 months Orthodontic and BPA free

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